Developing a Project Challenge.

Members have access to the same global network of designers, developers, and suppliers as customers that crowdsource work on a project-by-project basis. Collaboration-HQ can work with your team to identify projects across the enterprise that are a good fit for collaboration, and that will provide successful opportunities. Our professional service team works with your technical resources to scope work, initiate and manage collaborative challenges, and integrate deliverables with your internal processes.

It is important to keep in mine when offering a challenge, to not constrain the development process by restrictive perimeters or specification. By simply listing the outcomes to the challenge and allowing the creatives minds to solve the challenge in ways you may have never completed.

Choose An Incentive

Depending on the type of challenge, you may elect to offer a prize for a small, short term challenge for the best proposal submitted. This could lead to further collaboration or end with the award. Larger challenges would run over a longer period with all submissions assessed with the best solutions being short listed for potential collaboration to solved challenges as either a group or stand alone project.

Build Your Crowd Sourcing Program

Collaboration-HQ will help you build and scale a collaborative program that meets the exact needs of your business, beginning with targeted workshops to educate leadership, generate momentum, and help you identify opportunities for Collaboration-HQ to quickly make a positive impact in your organisation.

Train Technical Personnel

Training sessions can be arranged for technical personnel who will be responsible for scoping projects, managing collaborative projects, and working with community members.

Initiate and Manage Projects

Collaborative projects are only established on the Collaboration-HQ platform. Support to initiate and manage the projects can be supplied so that business stakeholders and technical resources can manage the technical components and co-ordinate utilising the Collaboration-HQ Community.

Track Your Progress

Your dashboard will display the status of your project/s, and you receive email notifications anytime milestones are reached, or actions are required. You can log into Collaboration-HQ anytime to revisit your requirements, check project status, or download deliverables.