Be a part of a community that works together to solve problems.

Collaboration-HQ offers a unique online platform to not only collaborate with like-minded businesses or individuals but also stretch the boundaries to offer opportunities that may have never previously been possible.

The platform itself has two distinct zones one for innovation collaboration and resource collaboration although they may overlap depending on the type of project. All members can access both zones to be involved where their talents and service can be best utilised.

Collaboration Zone

The innovation collaboration zone allows for ideas, problems or inventions to be posted so the collaboration may begin with finding a solution, developing that idea or finding a market or investor for the invention.

Innovation Projects may consist of

  • Industry problems
  • Technical challenges
  • Innovative ideas
  • Product development
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Collaboration Zone

The resource collaboration zone is a lot broader and allows for the collaboration relating to projects, facilities, manufacture
& testing, data, technology, resources and assets. By listing the member’s product requirements or their products, services and assets in the resource collaboration zone, other entities can see what is needed or available within their projects region to reduce operating costs, duplication of assets and utilising local resources.

Resource Projects may consist of

  • Human Resources
  • Manufacturing or testing capabilities
  • Data analytics or storage
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Facilities
  • Assets (Equipment such as: Aviation,
    Agricultural / forestry, Construction / building, Lifting, Mining, Transport / haulage, Subsea, Manufacturing, Military, Vessels / marine)
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