Getting Started.

Collaboration-HQ creates access to a global network of designers, academic, suppliers experienced in collaborating with business’s ranging from startups to multi-national enterprises, and they’re ready for the opportunity to solve your problem today.

There is a four-step process to posting the first challenge:

Create an Account

Outline the Challenge Outcomes

Define the Scope

Submit the Challenge

By registering to be a Corporate Member of the Collaboration-HQ community for the first time, you can list your challenge. Once your challenge is listed your membership and challenge is reviewed, if the challenge meets the Collaboration-HQ criteria it will become live so those eager designers, academics and suppliers can start to generate solutions.

By nominating whether the challenge is an innovative or resource challenge will direct it to the most appropriate sources.

Create an Account

Review a Challenge

Submit a Solution

If registering as a Service & Supplier Members of the Collaboration-HQ community for the first time your membership will be reviewed and once approved you can start offering solutions to those challenges of interest.

Registering as a Student will follow the same process as a Service & Support membership but will need to be aligned with a Collaboration-HQ member faculty to be able to submit a solution.