A single platform collaborating across multiple industries to find solutions to challenges and problems.

Collaboration-HQ is an open source platform that allows industries, companies, individuals, academia, researchers, investors to collaborate within that single platform across multiple industries to find solutions to challenges and problems. An open environment to exhibit and accelerate innovation and invention to the world as well as the potential for collaboration, funding sources and investors to be engaged.

Free of Industry Restrictions

Innovation is not merely creating something new; it involves changing a culture that is orientated towards opportunity, risk-seeking, openness to change, flexibility, fluidity as well as constant innovation and creativity. Fostering innovation within an organisation or industry involves an awareness of creative elements like collaboration and employing solutions that overcome the restrictions or problems encountered. These restrictions or problems to creativity could stem from a lack of knowledge, resources or communication breakdowns. Internal innovation can also suffer from fatigue of which outside stimulus will only add value and revitalise the creativity process. For any organisation to foster innovation, there is a need for an informal, highly flexible and non-bureaucratic environment or structure.

A Collaborative Environment

The collaborative environment will encourage a design thinking process which is a formal method of creatively tackling uniquely challenging problems and dilemmas by focusing on the desired future result. It is uniquely ‘solutions-based’ in that the focus is placed upon the future state or outcome rather than the precise definition of the problem. It may be in contrast with the traditional scientific method, which focuses upon clearly defining all elements of the problem prior to engaging in the solution. One unique feature of this flexible problem-solving approach is that several approaches to the problem may be undertaken simultaneously.

High-Level of Security

Security on the platform is a high priority for Collaboration-HQ and has been developed in accordance with the Australian privacy act 1988 to maintain all members details and identities.

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